BluetoothFTP v1.70 signed :: s40

BluetoothFTP v1.7 app purchased by paying₹20

with blueftp you can watch MP4 videos,play music,zip or unzip any file,compress nth,jar,zip,Hide or Unhide any file or folder and many more

In this app you need not change dates directly install or save jar and jad using ucbrowser rename jar to .jar and jad to .jad




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9 Responses to "BluetoothFTP v1.70 signed :: s40"

  1. Ok nice... Please how can i contact an admin here.

  2. @Pizzz,
    you can feedback your problem.

  3. Ok boss. Am actually using Nokia asha 200. I wanted to use the Blueftp and install whatsapp in my phone but i cant even download the blueftp. It tells me "link not available, try again later" please help.
    And again, if am able to download the blueftp, can i run whatsapp on my nokia asha 200(dual sim)??

  4. @Pizzz,
    Maybe you are facing problem with jad file of blueftp. So download jar file instead of jad.
    Asha 200 not listed in the list supported phones of whatsapp. But if you still want to download whatsapp then download from

  5. @Pizzz,
    Supported phones: Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X3-02.5 (Refresh) · Nokia X2-00
    Nokia Asha: 201 · 205 Chat Edition · 206 · 208 · 210 · 300 · 301 · 302 · 303 · 305 · 306 · 308 · 309 · 310 · 311 · 515 · 500 · 501 · 502 · 503 · 230

  6. Mp4 videos ka sirf video chalta hai audio nhi.. Nokia asha 305....

  7. Mp4 video nhi chalta hai

  8. Mp4 videos ka audio sirf chalta hai video nokia asha 305

  9. @Faizan , u might not read this comment or not need it, but just adjust the sound in default player, also there could be a problem in samsung cellphones with it...