Hack Your Facebook Friend's Chat History !!

Hi Guys...
This is a simple and easy Trick to Hack Facebook
Chat History...

We can Hack Chat History even if our Friends are Offline...

To use this Trick follow the
simple steps given
1) Open Friends profile.
2) Right Click on the Poke and Select Copy Link
Now we have the ID in our Clipboard.
3) This will exactly look like

http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=XYZ

( where XYX can be any numbers and this XYZ is nothing but the ID).

4) Now in the Address Bar type

”(without qoutes) and press Enter.
5) Now it’s done.
6) You can see full Chat History
NOTE:- This trick isn’t working
in US,Canada and some other Countries ...
Working in India

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