Play A Fool On Your Friends With Magical URL :: fbtrick

Hi Guys...
Today, I Am Back With A Magical Fb Trick,'Play a joke on your friends using Facebook URL trickery.. !
Okay, while this may involve a little good-spirited teasing..,
it’s still fun as ever.
Here’s a little trick you can play on all of your Facebook
The URL link :: /profile.php?=73322363

Actually takes the user to their very own profile when clicked.. Get it ?
Make sure to remove the link preview that Facebook adds before posting. ..
Enjoy Guys...

2 Responses to "Play A Fool On Your Friends With Magical URL :: fbtrick"

  1. Kele bhut time try kiya register hi nahi hota

  2. ANK Developers1 March 2016 at 11:26

    @Babu after registration visit here