Screen Resizer :: Useful app for s40

Description:: -:Screen Resizer 2.0.5:-

This is a small yet powerful java app for Resizing any games or apps in any sizes.
1.) Rename your java game or app in .zip format example"Army Of
2.) Launch the Screen Resizer. Choose and Locate your file, Choose your desired Screen. example:
Original Width: 240
Original Height: 320
Change Width: 176
Change Height: 220
Note: I suggest you resize 240x320 to any resolution to prevent Error.
3.) Done, now look for"encode"
folder where your new generated file is located. Install and Enjoy, if its Application
Error means that the file does not support/
or is protected by copyrights,

Converting Screen Resolution, make sure that the file you want to
convert is from a large size to a small size. . Example: if your desired resolution is 176p
and the game you just downloaded is
240p in size, the result is still satisfying with smooth graphics, but when converting from small
to large resolution, then the resulting graphics is a bit blurry.
You can also try this in some browsers like operamini that has different skins like 240x320, or any other resolutions available. Goodluck


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