Asha Motion for Asha 5xx Touch :: s40

Nokia-Asha-230-Motion-app_featured.jpgNokia_Asha_motion_App_2560x1440_100_00-2Intro :: Asha Motion is a fun, yet simple, way to pass a few minutes of your day

Full Description ::Nokia Asha Motion app is split into five categories: Space, Explode, Flow, Popcorn, and Gravity. Each one offers a slightly different creative experience.
Depending on which option you select, you’ll be greeted with coloured spots, stripes, squares or triangles. All of which can be interacted with.
The interactions take place by either using your finger to click or drag the shapes on the screen, or by shaking or spinning the Asha 5xx and 230.
Of course, each different action invokes a different response from the shape. A gentle shake will change the colours on the screen, or a tilt of the phone will see the item fall to one side.
Double tapping on the screen will take a snapshot of what you’ve created and that image can be set on your lock screen.


extact jad and jar using blueFTP after extract rename it jar to .jar and jad to .jad

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