Delete your pre-installed apps & Games on your Asha 5xx :: s40 trick

Tutroial :: Delete your pre-installed contents of Asha 500,501,502,503,230

Now Follow these steps

1. Save any .txt file in memory card and rename it's extension .html from UC Browser file manager or BluetoothFTP.
2. Now, Open .html file from Mobile's main File Manager. It will open in Nokia Xpress browser.
3. Now, Swipe from down in Xpress Browser and add it to Favourites.
4. Again swipe from down in xpress browser and choose "favourites".
5. In favourite you will see
Touch and hold this.
6. Now choose edit favourite. You will see Name and Address. Edit the address with
"file:///system_files/_system_applications/" without quotes.
7. Now close the xpress browser and again open the .html file from mobile main file manager, again it will open in xpress browser.
8. Swipe from down in xpress browsers, go to favourites, and choose the previously added favourites. Xpress browser will show 'Not enough memory to do thisclick on OK.
9. Now swipe from down and choose 'Add to Home' and now close xpress browser , go to your home screen/menu screen at will see a star icon at last of the menu
10. Now, this icon in your home scree/menu screen. You will see here your all pre installed apps, delete the jad and jar file of the app you want to delete.
After it reset your mobile.

For this rear trick thanx to Shashi Kumar & Nokia Experts blog

(your can easily find txt file in your Memory card >Whatsapp
but if you want then download from HERE

Note: Nokia browser is discontinued now & You cant perform this tutorial with Opera Mini

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