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Now, You Can Change Your Fb Name After Limits(5 times).
Follow The Steps...
Make sure that your account change name limit is full from Account settings.
They show this message
"You can't update
your name right now because you've already
changed it too many times"
If you want to request then You need to fill request form then
#Open this form from that account whose name you want to change..
#Now you need to enter the accurate
information in request form..
#Enter the accurate First,
middle and then last new name in form which you want..
#Then select the reason for changing name
Then upload Image of your correct document
which clearly show the name you are using...
Then click on the send button and wait for a week for request..approval
#After the request approve Facebook will
change your name
Sometimes Facebook don't accept your
request and they may mention the reason in your email....
Possibly your
new name do not match name policies..that's why Facebook
rejects new name.
I feel that you enjoy this tutorial and hope it works successfully
for your

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