Maji Player v1.70 for :: s40

intro ::
MajiPlayer is a media player providing a rich user experience on multiple devices, it includes video playback and music (e.g. MP3) support. Maji Player allowsyou to organize & browse your media on your cell phones, create play lists and listen/view the media using an attractive and intuitive interface.
Features ::
•Automatic lyric download - please read more about lyric support and how to contribute here.
•Lyrics Synchronization With Music - support for industrystandard LRC files please read more about lyrics in this page.
•Support for more than 15 languages
•Cincopa integration - seamlessly synchronize and transcode media from your PC to your mobile phone via 3G or 802.11b. Read the tutorial here.
•Equalizer (when supported by the device)
•3DView - Browse through the entire application in 3D
•Album art download - seamlessly download album covers for your music
•High resolution album art
•Set song cover art as wallpaper for the application
•Skip to position in the playing media
•Media bookmarks allowing you to return to a specific point in the media
•Playback of well known media files both video and audio files such as 3GP, MP3 etc. (format support dependson mobile device functionality)
•Automated search for media on the device, including support for memory cards
•ID3 tag parsing including album covers and localized text - to make sure your album has ID3v2 tags you can use an ID3 editor such as this one in Windows or one of these in Linux, Mac/Windows users can use iTunes as well.
•Playlists including automatic playlists based on Album &Artist
•Themeable UI with cool transitions
•Configurable menu transitions
•Intuitive and easy to use
•Easy to install & upgrade
•Works on Nokia Series 40 & 60 devices, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, blackberry (special version required available via the blackberry app store) and many others
•Secure signed application that can be trusted on your mobile device
•Support for touch screen navigation
•Finger based touch device support

To browse the themes available for MajiPlayer you can enter the application settings and select More

Download→[Maji Playerv1.70.Jar]

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