Minimize app in Asha 5xx without hacking :: s40trick

Trick to minimize apps with out hacking in asha v1.4
>>1st install and log in “fb messenger” and send message any one in online member and close
>>we need any message/notification from “fb messenger SWIPE DOWN FROM TOP yo will see top bar ,if you have any msg of fb messenger on top bar then don’t open it ,instead of opening just open files folder and access your location of fb messenger and select fb messenger.jar and move it to other folder then goto main menu then open fb messenger then it will say “con’t find the app” >>now open any app and swipe down fom up to open top bar select the messege/notification of fb messenger and you will see the app is minimized if you want to see it is minimized or not select the app which do you opened previous >>[Task Manager]

trick provided by Mohammed Mujahid

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2 Responses to "Minimize app in Asha 5xx without hacking :: s40trick"

  1. mohammed mujahid7 May 2016 at 16:08

    Thx for remmrd my name in this trick

  2. Please provie app minimizing trick for nokia s40