Password Embedder :: s40


Intro ::
1. Embedd your favorite applications or games with password.

1. Rename your applications or games from .jar to or simply add .zip using mini commander, blueFTP or etc.
2. Run password embedder. First set desired screenshot path, press '*' in your keypads. Then select your file. Press ok or open.
3. After embedding, click options then select view to see if it is succesful.
4. Now exit password embedder& open mini commander again and find modified folder, not the original file, and rename the file to _jar, again. Then exit. And rename to .jar directly in your phone.
5. Now your games or applications has passwords and screenshoter.

* The old password is :"chen".
* After changing old password. If you close and open your applications again, just input your new password to old password textbox& leave others blank.

[Download .jar]

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