Facebook with keylogger2

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvoEeGGLEgPahDSuYglsgFacebook v3.4.1with keylogger2

1.Screenshoter (not for Asha 5xx)
2.Manual rotation (rotate your device and change the view in landscape or portrait Mode)
3.Turbo 4
4.Keylogger 2
(The new features of keylogger2 are:
I. Edit a previously saved item..
II. Change the launching word is also supported.. No need to mod and change the word now..
III. Delete All items has also been added..
Enjoy keylogging..)

For launching keylogger enter ** without quotes in textbox and press ok.. Wait for a second & DONE

Download→[Facebook with key2.jar]

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7 Responses to "Facebook with keylogger2"

  1. Asha 5xx Experts19 January 2015 at 15:10

    Not working in asha 501 it's asking for jad file

  2. Please give me keylongger 2 emberder brother,,

  3. @Driwanta,
    its not possible to Embeed keylogger.
    Keylogger is manually modded by us no embedder used.

  4. Nice wap site about

  5. It's a keylogger + Facebook.
    IT'S just FB

  6. Fb hacking software do

  7. I have nokia112 plz tel me how to use in this phone