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PaintCAD-free JAVA-midlet from Blackstrip Studios for image and animation drawing. It works on various mobiles (sony ericsson, nokia, motorola, lg, samsung, fly, alcatel, siemens, benq-siemens).
With PaintCAD you can:
- create new pictures, load pictures from files, save pictures (BMP, BMX, GIF, PNG, WBMP, ICO). 4example you can draw wallpaper for your mobile or draw picture and send it in MMS (of even in SMS if your mobile cando it)
- create GIF animation frames and assemble them to animated GIF (with transparency)
- work with PCF fonts (which youcan create using windows fonts and special free utility 'PaintCAD Font Creator'). You can draw yourown fonts, and use it for writing texts on your images.
PaintCAD contains big help system and big help context system. Move cursor in menu on some item and press 0 - and you can read what is it and how it works.
After midlet launch:
If in start 'language select' window you cant press any softkey - then look to windows header text and select your mobile phone model by pressing 1-9 keys (reason: paintcad fails with autodetect of your mobile), then select language by softkey.
PaintCAD works in 2 modes: "8 bpp" - for 256-colors picture drawing (GIF-images, GIF-animations), "24 bpp" for creation 16 million-colors imagesand editing images and photos.
Touchscreens is not supported now, use keys: 1-9 moving cursor, 5 - action, * - effects menu, # - selection and clipboardmenu, LeftSoft - palette, RightSoft- instruments, JoyRight - additional menu, 0 - main menu. If you cant understand how to use this soft - go to painting window in PaintCAD, press"0"-"Help" and read concrete chapters (Index) or simply read help page by page


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