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20101010_69dd1ca50225f19e0ed5IJ9afFIWHHgPhotoSnap Mobile- a photo editor for mobile phones Sony Ericsson G5 and above. And so the same configuration similar phones from other manufacturers (not guaranteed!), With support for JSR-75, SiemensGOLD and MotorolaFileApi (?). Has a comfortable and intuitive interface. Can apply different effects to the image, import the scope and application. And so the same tune channels, rotate and resize images. Te same operation, performed with the current icon. Added function of paint. Now, in addition to templates, you can to finish something of my own and even create their own drawings, with a clean slate. And experience has shown that - pretty good, and without much effort, thanks warpline. You can view the images sent by users of PSM, in the gallery
There is work with transparency and adjustable Soft-pen. Graphic fonts, formats TrueType (*. ttf, . ttf.gz, . ttz) from Apple and AntiAliased Bitmap Font *. fnt (so that deficit with fonts should not be). There is a lens and the convolution kernel, with arbitrary size. Lens can sift through the site last, apply effects, or images that you like a frame. Images are saved in the formats JPEG, BMP, and PNG. Language is set automatically, depending, on the phone language.
Optimized use of memory, making it possible to use PSM on weak devices, and the more advanced - image processing, to a few megapixels.
Supported languages:Ukrainien, English, Russian

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2 Responses to "Photo Snap :: Photo Editor"

  1. This app asks ico files. Where can I found *.ico files? What is ico? How to use it?

  2. @ds9e,
    ico file mainly used as icon in applications. You can change any image to .icon. Open Uc browser > goto Downloads > FileManager .now choose your file and rename it with .ico format (ex. Photo006.jpg.ico)