SinaSoft Mobile Photoshop :: Photo Editor

20111025_a0b61a8a861252ea7d93KEPez5PddGGThis software is a very powerful image editor for mobile phones.

1.inverted & white 3.neon light 4.chalk 5.mild 6.sharpening 7.brightness 8.darkness 9.relief 10.thurs time 11.mozaics

1.cut 3.rectangle 4.pierced 5.reset size 6.transparent cover 7.90'clockwise 8.upside down 9.swap left/right 10.opacity 11.figure frame camera deepen 13.edge correction
Note:1.To open the file or save the file, please make sure to set the access right Java program properly,or there may cause crash.
2.please try not to open file of larger size.

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