Ucbrowser 9.5 MOD :: s40

UC 9.5 MOD
Extract UC95_ank.zip and then rename UC95_Ank_MOD_jar to UC95_Ank_MOD.jar

1.New Icon.
2.Text content copying limit exceeded upto 999999 characters.
3. Downloads will be done 1 by 1 instead of 2 simultaneous downloads.
4. Increased Uploading Speed.
5. Realtime download speed (set to 8bytes from 40 kb refresh rate).
6. 85% preloaded network bar
7. Increased Browsing & Downloading for slow networks.
8. Multiple tabs limit upto 20 tabs.
9. Increased History recording limit upto 50.
10.Copy Paste option in password field (in full screen mode)
11.Able to minimise on hacked phones.
12.Mutli-clipboard service(acess it in fullscreen edit)
In general setting
13. Response Time: 500 means 5 seconds
14. Sleep Timer:With this feature you can auto exit UC at your preferred time.
15. Default icon size: 48*48. You can change it as per your wish
16.RAM Recovery Interval:100. With this feature you can recover java heap at specified interval.
17.Transparent Image:Transparency is set to 100%. You can change as you wish (ex.Background ImagePath: file:///E:/c2hallofu.png)
You can give any name to the image but its format must be .png
18.RMS backuper:With this feature you can backup RMS of the app so if you lost any app data accidentally you can restore it.
19.Password Protection:You can set password to access the app.
20. Screenshoting Time: Default is 200. You should set it to 5 for faster response.(not for 5xx)
21. Screenshot Compression Quality: Default is 1. You should set it to 9 for better results.
22. Screenshot Save Path Is: file:///E:/screenshot. You can change the path by browsing the path.
23. In general settings press option and you can access notes where you can save some important notes.
24. In general settings you can access HANDLER MENU2.0.4

Advanced Settings:
25. RAM: Shows your actual heap size in KB.
26. Threads: Shows number of total apps running.
27.Press options to access
28.Backlight Controller:To adjust Display Contrast.

MOD by Me #Ank
Main Author: c2hallofu


7 Responses to "Ucbrowser 9.5 MOD :: s40"

  1. how to start in nokia 503 , as some network settings are showing when started and i don't know how to set ?

  2. Sorry you cant use this mod in Asha 503

  3. How to screenshort

  4. Please mod this uc for samsung please with same features but with some minor changes such as /mmc in the place of E:/

  5. Sir,
    Touch phone users can't use this mod uc browser
    please change it and give it for us too

  6. Sir please tell how to unzip this on my asha 501

  7. ANK Developer Ankit14 September 2016 at 21:18

    with blueftp you can unzip any zip file easily.