Handler Multi-App Embedder

1> One Handler Settings to use free net tricks in all multi apps.
2> Support for platformRequest.[When you open download link or URL in defaut browser. Your free net tricks will be added automatically to the download link or url.
3> Multi-Clipboard feature.
4> Word Limit Removal
5> Browsing file system files.
6> And as usual features like RMS import and export, Backlight controller, Screenshooter etc.
[Note 1: Handler Menu is Accessible ViaGENERAL SETTINGS]
[Note 2: Don't Embed Turbo Script because it has alreay Turbo 3.3 No Log.
[Note 3: In case of Processing error, Unzip the app and repack using Minicomaander. Use compression level 9.
[Note 4: Don't embedd big softwares which is above 1mb. Total number of app's size should not be above 1mb or it will show Invalid App in java phone. Because most of the java phone can not install above 1 mb java app.
[Thanks To Mamun7]

Download→[HUI Mutli app Embedder.jar]

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