Opera High Mod

  1. Hi gys check out this Opera Mod now Modded Opera Mini 4.5 as Opera High Mod. B-b Codes All Web Derigner Cod And Smiley Codes.
  2. Screenshooter added(Press Green Dial Key For Taking Screenshots.)
  3. Press * Key For Screenshooter Settings.
  4. By This App You Can you are able to find your desired colors name, B-B Cod, Bold Or Italic Cod, Underline Cod, Extra smile codes by typing time.
  5. Now you are able convert three Different Values Of Any Color Name-Decimal Rgb It A Special Feature For web designers.
  6. Modded with Turbo 3 (Turbo 3 can Increase your little bit speed of opera mini.)
  7. Special Characters added Menu > By Special Characters Menu We Can Copy, Paste, Replace Any Text.
  8. It Can Save Txt,Import Txt(To Access All Code Open Text Box Scroll Down To Set Then Hit Modify)
  9. Now In Next Box Scroll Down And Select Symbles And Translate Again Scroll Down To Set And Hit Modify.
  10. Download→[Opera High Mod.jar] [80]
  11. For more updates visit & share our website→→s40expert.tk

1 Response to "Opera High Mod"

  1. Brother, add multiclip board in this opera please.