Stylish UI Multi App Embedder

How to use?

‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬•save app in same folder in jar format (opera_jar,uc_jar,fb_jar)
‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬•open multimidlet app locate files use"select all" or"Add to list"
‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬• now go to menu at the top and use view list you will see your selected files (opera,uc,fb)
‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬‪‬• now select your apps select option"merge" from menu

<1>Stylish ListUI
<2>File Manager to Select File/Folder
<5>Transparent Background
<6>Rms import & export
<7>Removed word limit from TextBox and allow to write more than 5000 characters in the new modified apps
<8>Fixed bug on startApp and pauseApp.

Download→[Stylish multi app maker.jar]

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1 Response to "Stylish UI Multi App Embedder"

  1. Bro not working on nokia 114.
    Showing error -out of memory.