Whatsapp collection :: s40

Whatsapp_56px.pngMany users want old version of whatsapp because they are facing problems in some update/versions so here we are providing you whatsapp collection from v2.12.39 to latest (if you want any another make a request in feedback section)

Whatsapp v2.12.39→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.40→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.41→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.42→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.43→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.44→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.45→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.46→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.47→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.48→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.49→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.50→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.51→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.52→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.53→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.54→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.55→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.56→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.57→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.58→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.59→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.60→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.61→[Download]

Same Features from whatsappv2.12.61v2.12.69

Whatsapp v2.12.71→[Download]

Same Features from whatsappv2.12.71v2.12.82

Whatsapp v2.12.82→[Download]

Whatsapp v2.12.92→[Download]

Latest:: v2.12.92

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7 Responses to "Whatsapp collection :: s40"

  1. I want latest version of this time with zip format

  2. Help us with the .zip file format please

  3. Sir, I have nokia 114 phone,
    I tried many whatsapp version but non of them are working on my phone.
    My phone is unsupported but I want to use whatapp on my phone. Can you help me sir. Please give a trick for whatsapp.

  4. i want whatsapp for nokia 109

  5. Sir i want zip file for nokia x2-00

  6. Hey! I have my nokia c2-00 and non of these virsion are working so please tell me how can i use whatsapp in mY phone

  7. Sir plz. Can you give me whatsapp for nokia 112 java s40. I love (s40expert.tk) website.