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About Panini Hindi keypad: Based on global award winning technology this software allows you to type in Hindi on your existing phone, by placing the letters right under your thumb. Experience single keypress typing.

I have recognised that many peoples a have nokia phones but they dont have hindi language to write so iam providng a multimidlet that contain 2 version of Panini keypad & fb.
Both version of panini keypad have diffrent interface.
1. Screenshoting (Normal: Press dial key)
NOTE: Screenshotiing is available via mod menu and default key is dial key.
2.copy paste in passowrd field
3.Able to minimise on hacked phones
4. General Settings:
Default Minimise Key: 42 i.e. *
5. Response Time: 500 means 5 seconds
6. Sleep Timer:With this feature you can auto exit UC at your preferred time.
7. Default icon size: 48*48. You can change it as per your wish
8. RAM Recovery Interval: 100. With this feature you can recover java heap at specified interval.
9. Transparent Image:Transparency is set to 100%. You can change as you wish.
10. Background ImagePath: file:///E:/Ankit.png .You can give any name to the image but its format must be .png
11. RMS backuper: With this feature you can backup RMS of the app so if you lost any app data accidentally you can restore it.
12. Password Protection: You can set password to access the app. Menu > General > App Access (now enter your password and save the settings)
13. Screenshoting Time: Default is 200. You should set it to 5 for faster response.
14. Screenshot Compression Quality: Default is 1. You should set it to 9 for better results.
15. Screenshot Save Path Is: file:///E:/screenshot/panini fb . You can change the path bt browsing the path.
16. In general settings press option and you can access notes where you can save some important notes.
17. Multiclip-clipboard: with Multiclipboard you can save your all data written in can use this app in all 3 app Panini v1 , v2 or in fb app
18. Text import Export: with this feature you can import your all written data of panini keypad in your memory keypad or Export it on you can use other language.
18. Advanced Settings:
19. RAM: Shows your actual heap size in KB.
20. Free RAM: Shows free heap size.
21. Threads: Shows number of total apps running.
22. Press options to access
23. Backlight Controller:To adjust Display Contrast.

Download [Panini fb.jar]

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