4shared Music for Nokia Asha

4shared Music was created for those, who can not live without music and do not want their attention to be attracted by other things, but the music while listening to it. When you install this application on your device, you can easily access your favorite tracks from4shared. Using the 'Search' menu item, you can search for music files that you like and add it to your playlist at4shared Music. You do not need to search for them each time you use the application, just create a playlist, add your favorite tracks and listen to them right from4shared Music you anytime you want. In addition, you can upload songs from your device to 4shared Music.
With 4shared Musicyou can enjoy 15GB of space for your music, and not out of place. Upload and add all the music files you like and make your life more enjoyable with 4shared!
Download→[4shared Music.jad] Download→[4shared Music.jar ]

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