Camera 5-in-1 for keypad [Non-touch]

Pictelligent Camera 5-in-1 lets you capture images in various fun ways:
• Get that old-fashioned retro look to your pictures
• Create beautiful collages with different layouts
• Twist images to the max
• Use fusion to blend images together
• Make your pictures futuristic Just capture, select effect and save!

•Many Nokia s40 Mobiles have Camera 5 in 1 Inbuilt but the version was demo version but here iam providing Full and Offline Version

*only for Keypad

Download→[Camera 5in1.jad]

Download→[Camera 5in1.jar]

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9 Responses to "Camera 5-in-1 for keypad [Non-touch]"

  1. it says downloading faile. I've been trying to download

  2. @imma,
    save both jad and jar files as jar and jad for uc browser , after download rename them as .jar and .jad

  3. Theres no easy way than this. I realy need this app.

  4. I'M SORRY BRO BUT I CANT TO GET WHAT U TELLING ME. Cant u make a link so that i may just download. Im using UC BROWSE and when i install it fails. When i 'save' its not support. Asha 206 does'nt support Jar files...

    I like your work u doing great things but i cant rest til i get this app for my phone thanks.


  5. @imma,
    try this link

  6. Thanks brull. I'm a camera freak and this app is dope! I love it. I finaly have it.. Thanks for your help.

    Another thing. My phone while it was stil new, i had facebook nortifications. They would pop up as whatsapp do, but over the time the nortification app got disturb as a results it does'nt work.

  7. @imma,
    always use latest version of Notification for better work !!

  8. amazing this camera on my nokia asha 206 dual sim,thank you very much

  9. I want notification app, i searched everywhere bt i cant get that app. Pls suggest me latest version of notification app. I need it badly...