MeBoy Mod for Nokia Asha (TS & NON-TS)

app-ssMeBoy Mod

MeBoy Mod - Modified version of Jmeboy , All key for touch are fixed now.supported on touch as well on keypad.


How to use:
Before you can run a Gameboy game, you have to tell the emulator which games are available on the mobile can scan your mobile device for Gameboy games and then load these games. This needs to be done only once, or after you have loaded more games onto your device. Doing this scan is done via the menu item 'File-system search start directory'.The following file extensions are currently supported when loading programs: .gb, .gbc and .cgb.

Loading and starting a game:
You can load a program using the 'Load cartridge' menu item or via the 'Play' button. This opens a dialog where you can select the Gameboy cartridge to play.

Keys for keypad phones;
The mobile device's navigation keys are used for joypad navigation.

The Gameboy's buttons are emulated using the following keys(or you can assign keys):
- Gameboy button 'A': "a" or "1"
- Gameboy button 'B': "b" or "3"
- Gameboy button 'Select': Enter or "7"
- Gameboy button 'Start': Space or "9"

Download : MeBoy Mod.jar

Enjoy the emulator!
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  1. Thanks :mrgreen: ,Ankit is the Best s40 store. Always Update! :D

  2. the screen goes blank!

  3. You can put the keypad in please gb4me