Avatar World Online for Nokia Asha

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Avatar World is a mini virtual world where you can make friends, chat and play with others online.



Create your character on avatar and wander around a colorful pixel city, meeting other online players and interacting with them. You can exchange messages, play games, and even fight each other if you like! The graphics are small but detailed, although it's a bit fiddly to play.
Avatar World is a fun way to escape from reality for a while.

Download : Avatar World Online
Avatar 2 in 1

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4 Responses to "Avatar World Online for Nokia Asha"

  1. The game is good for those who want to make new friends.

  2. Action Jackson28 June 2016 at 16:58

    Yeh somu but i like action games only

  3. Iupiii :v TEAMOBIIII!! The best