Knight Age Online for Nokia Asha

app-ssKA Online

Knight Age is an action / adventure online game that carries you back to a time of castles and monsters.supported in all s40 phones.


knight Age offers dynamic graphics and compelling story lines that are sure to please fans of RPG and Zelda-type adventure games. As a member of the Knights of Freedom, it is your sworn duty to explore the unknown areas surrounding your kingdom and to vanquish the evil monsters that dwell there. Lock-step quests will progressively get more difficult and will require the keenest minds and bravest hearts to solve. As a social online game, these challenging quests are mixed with a series of player vs players battles that will have you competing against friends and foes alike for daily rewards and special items that will allow you to rule the land. Register for your free account to enter and play Knight Age today.

(Menu > 2nd option > Global Server)

INSTANT PLAY gives new players a one-time, temporary account to enter in game without registering. If you love Knight Age and are strong enough to reach LEVEL 10, you will be prompted to convert your account to permanent status for free (granting you full-access to the entire kingdom)

Download : KNIGHT AGE

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