[Usefull] Crash Downloader

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  1. Rakshith says:

    Hey, i found out that Youtube Downloader (any versions including mod) wont work in Nokia asha 210. It says something like JavaNull Point error. Also, payTM doesn't work. It says network problem. But i have a working network. Please check it. Thanks 🙂

  2. lucky ANSAR says:

    Nice apps on this site spe…thanex to ankit bro

  3. Pranv says:

    Thanx for this app bro. Finally i have downloaded my favorite junglebook movie with crash downloader which was failed in uc browser.

  4. Phreaker says:

    Cool app bro thanks 😀

  5. JAVATRICKZ.TK says:

    java s40 me work ni kar raha h. ye error aata hai " java.io.IO.EXCEPTION.

    PLS HELP ME MY NO. 8889540726


  6. Prince says:

    Nice app bro very usefulll

  7. Jebby says:

    s40expert.tk rockzz best s40 site.

  8. jeet says:

    YR MERE NOKIA 110 me error aa rha hai. ankit pls help help

  9. Rakshith says:

    Hey Bro! MeBoy Mod and MeBoy doesnot works properly. I downloaded 2 pokemon games (pokemon crystal.gbc and Pokemon Red and Blue 2 in 1.gb) and i tried to open it with those meboy emulators. MeBoy Mod says failed to open the file and MeBoy says application error. Could you please check it?

    Thank you. I'm using nokia asha 210

  10. ANK Developer Ankit says:

    maybe the size of these game exceeds more than 500kb. Bcoz low ram phones cant take the load of heavy emulation.

  11. Rakshith says:

    @ANK bro,
    yeah, it's sizes are 2mb and 1.1mb. Today i downloaded pokemon yellow (size 1mb) works well on MeBoy but it wont open in MeBoy Mod

  12. Rakshith says:

    Also, is there any way to play those games? I really wanna play those two games.

  13. jeet says:

    @help me ankit previous comment dekho. ye app error aa raha hai

  14. Rakshith says:

    @jeet, it works fine with my brother's nokia 112 (nokia 110 and 112 are almost same i guess)

    As far as i know, this downloader can be used to download a file which just stopped downloading at beginning or at middle.

    Example: If you download a 8mb song and if it only downloads like 2mb (say), you can copy the download link and browse the file which is not completely downloaded and paste the downloading link in the next coloumn and click download. It starts downloading from where it stopped. Thats all i know :3

  15. Chunky says:

    Bhai app to usefull h , isme thoda interface change kro.

  16. Amiy says:

    What's URL

  17. ANK Developer Ankit says:

    @Amiy, URL means
    direct link of the failed file.
    Example: http://site.com/files/bestremix.mp3

  18. Obaidullah says:

    Bro Plz Make Whatsapp Mod Version

  19. rocio verdeal says:

    :v pictag for Nokia please.

  20. Rakshith says:

    Hey Ankit Bro! Is there any way to get signed version of UC java Mini?

  21. manish says:

    Well down bro
    very nice app!

  22. Praashu says:

    Bhai link m kya dalna h yr..

  23. faizan says:

    Ye app half he screen ko aata hai nokia asha 305 mai…i want for 240*400 resolution…plz

  24. abhinav says:

    ankit bro please make memedroid for nokia asha305

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