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  1. Swapnamay halder says:

    But still cant download any app

  2. Kelvin Crag says:

    Finally. I’m so happy.

  3. Kelvin Crag says:

    Kindly create an update for your uc mini java 🙂

  4. RocĂ­oVerdeal says:

    Sure you already know the https://
    web.archive.org/ are some files
    copied to the database of the web
    archive. and from the old ovi store
    you can download some after the
    number / download / download
    the file _jad with the uc and open
    it with a .txt file or another copies
    the link jar. And you go with the
    uc and the link you paste in the
    web archive and you download
    the jar what you need too.

  5. RocĂ­oVerdeal says:

    Hey 🙂 You can download all the material
    of the web archive complete if you
    have pc on this page also without
    installing anything here just
    hitting the double url of the web
    archive with the url of the site

  6. RocĂ­oVerdeal says:

    I am very interested in helping
    your page because the android
    does not interest me much. Look, I
    surfed a lot, I found this

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