Twitter For Nokia Asha (TS & NON-TS)

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29 Responses

  1. Praveen says:

    Thanx working in My Asha 205

  2. thankew says:

    Wow, twitter 0.7.16 is OSM with cool graphics.

  3. tagore says:

    It showing confliting item @ nokia asha 200

  4. Raja guru says:

    Not working in my asha 501 even date have been changed i tried all the version pls help me

  5. ANK Developers says:

    I have already told that v1.3.5 is conflict on keypad. Now delete it and download old one 0.7.16,1.0.5,1.0.4

  6. ANK Developers says:

    @Raja guru,
    read the full post, i have already told that it is supported in Asha 2xx & 3xx.
    Asha 5xx not mentioned.

  7. tagore says:

    When signing in,"it shows an error try later again",its shows many times when i signed in

  8. Santhosh says:

    Hi bro u can provide ank application so we can download apps and games through ur ank application like nokia store, play store, apps fount

  9. ANK Developers says:

    working & fastest internet connection also required to use this app !

  10. Sarthak says:

    V 1.3.5 is working in my Asha 210.. Thx @ANK

  11. Rocio Verdeal says:

    Very good, all walk, but the
    version 1.3.5 if this conflict. Fijate
    out there if encontras pictag for
    java 5xx if you can be in this fallen bond. many greetings

  12. ANK Developer says:

    Gys if you are sharing contents from our site.then please dont forgot to mention our link / tittle.

  13. Rajaguru says:

    Installed in my nokia x2 02 but not able to login shows an error "problem while login try again later " please help me i am a lover of twitter please help me

  14. Rocío Verdeal says:

    Ok 🙂

  15. Rocio Verdeal says:

    Ok 🙂

  16. abdul majid fani says:

    Its work in my asha 206 thank u ab fb messnxger ko bi update karu signed verisom jad walay ko

  17. Ian says:

    None of them works in my asha 302. It shows downlaoding failed No certificate available on phone or sim something like that. Please help me out guys, i need twitter certicates.

  18. Soubheek Roy says:

    I'm not able to use twitter in my Nokia Asha 500 can u please help me how can use twitter in my phone?!!

  19. Saikat Barman says:

    It's Warking, But Problem is When I'm Open Twitter, then Username & Password & Sign In.
    Problem is It's not currect,
    mei fir currect likkha but tabhi aa raha tha Its Not Currect…
    Plz Help Me…

  20. Rakshith says:

    Thank you for the app bro! Could you please give me a link to download Opera Mini version 8.0 (signed version)? I tried to download from different sites. But all i got is, 'application is not from a trusted supplier' could you pls help me with this one? Thank you 🙂

  21. ANK Developer Ankit says:

    Download Opera from official site

  22. Rakshith says:

    @Ank Bro, even i tried to download it from opera official site using UC Browser. It still say's the same. 'Application is not from a trusted Supplier. Continue anyway?'


  23. Rakshith says:

    Once you download twitter, just change your device date to current date. Then open the app and sign in. If you wont, it will say something like this: 'There is a problem signing in. Please try again later'. If it say like this, just change the date to actual date. Thats it 😉

  24. Amresh chakra says:

    When i tried to download apps. A massage popup"Certificate not in phone or sim" how can i get the certificates… Nokia x2-01

  25. Ramim says:

    App downloaded succesfully.. Bt problem is sign in. It shows an error occured, pls try later! Why? My phones time is up to date. I've a supper speddy internet connection.. My phone is x2-01 n downloaded 1.4 version pls help me

  26. vik says:

    Getting Certificate not on phone or sim error @ Nokia X2-01
    Help plz..

  27. Emanuel Paul Coronado says:

    I followed all the steps. I changed my date to 2014 and used uc browser to download. After that, I tried to open the app but it says "conflicting applications"

  28. ahmed khan says:

    hi.ankith bro i want to download twitter app but it shows certificate invalid acording to phone date or sim card plz help me

  29. ANK Developer Ankit says:

    @ahmed khan,
    follow this method & try different years and month

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